Mobius Introduces Machine-balancing Training Software

Noria news wires
Tags: maintenance and reliability, condition monitoring, vibration analysis, predictive maintenance

Mobius Institute has announced the release of iLearnBalancing, a computer-based training product that teaches maintenance professionals how to perform in-place dynamic balancing of industrial machines. The training is delivered by DVD or through the Web via the iLearn-online learning portal and is run on a personal computer.

The software is designed to provide complete understanding of the different types of unbalance, including static, couple and dynamic unbalance, as well as what is needed to correct them. It also offers ways to ensure that you are not chasing the wrong solution during the balance process, how to tell if a machine is truly out of balance and whether there’s another fault condition with similar symptoms.  

As part of Mobius Institute’s iLearnInteractive product line, iLearnBalancing features extensive 3-D animations and simulators to make the subject more interesting and understandable. The interactive course is fully narrated, making it easier to learn. Simulators are used so you can experience the interaction between unbalance, rotational speed and phase, and how they affect the balance vectors.

“Until now, machine balancing has been as much an art as it has been a skill,” said Jason Tranter, Mobius Institute’s founder and managing director. “iLearnBalancing demystifies machine balancing in an easily understandable format so that maintenance technicians learn everything they need to be successful. A well-balanced machine experiences less wear and has a longer life cycle, thus improving your plant’s overall availability.”

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