Workers to enjoy less Thanksgiving holiday paid time off in 2010

RP news wires
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Employers will be less generous this year than last in providing their workers Thanksgiving holiday leave. Levels of gift giving, however, have remained virtually unchanged for the past six years, according to BNA's annual survey of year-end holiday plans.

Nearly three-fourths of surveyed employers (74 percent) have designated both Thanksgiving Day (November 25) and the day after as paid holidays in 2010, down from 79 percent in 2009. As in previous years, nearly all surveyed employers (98 percent) have scheduled Thanksgiving Day itself as a paid holiday for employees.

But, the numbers of employers requiring some employees to work on Thanksgiving Day are near record lows. Nearly three in 10 employers (29 percent) will require some employees to work on Thanksgiving Day. This figure is virtually unchanged from 2009 (28 percent), but is down noticeably from those that mandated Thanksgiving Day work in 2008 (33 percent) and 2007 (36 percent). There has been an almost continuous decline in required Thanksgiving work since 2002, when nearly half of surveyed employers (47 percent) required at least some employees to work on this holiday.

The survey also finds that:

For eight of the past 10 years, gift certificates for food items have been the leading Thanksgiving gift and 2010 is no exception. Seven percent of surveyed employers will be giving employees gift certificates this Thanksgiving, with the venerable turkey in contention for the gift of choice but coming up just short, offered by 4 percent of employers.

BNA's survey of year-end holiday practices has been conducted since 1980. This year's report is based on responses from 315 human resource and employee relations executives representing a cross-section of U.S. employers, both public and private.