Recommendations and Suggestions for 5-S Auditing

Larry Rubrich
Tags: lean manufacturing, 5-S, kaizen

The fifth component of 5-S, Sustain, is all about developing the discipline to use and maintain the 5-S system on a daily basis everywhere within the organization. Sustain means understanding how 5-S eliminates organizational waste and then making the first four S’s a habit and part of the company’s culture. Sustain, for most organizations (even after the 5-S training and 5-S kaizen events), means 5-S audits.   

What follows are some recommendations and suggestions on 5-S auditing.

One of the required measures for the success of your audits and 5-S implementation in general includes never having to clean up in advance of customer or other special company visitors. Always being “tour” or “visit” ready is an important 5-S measure.

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