Report shows some California manufacturers finding success in tough economy

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A comprehensive, independent report on companies served by California Manufacturing Technology Consulting (CMTC) found that the key to increasing your company’s impact is having a “hands-on” problem solver available to your company. An independent third-party study of more than 625 Southern California manufacturers receiving consulting services stated that more than 77 percent polled had a record of positive financial impact and of these manufacturers surveyed during the past year, a total of 507 new manufacturing jobs were added. While many California job losses are occurring, these manufacturers are surviving in a tough economy by implementing management and operational improvements recommended by CMTC.

For example, Dicronite Southwest, an aerospace industry supplier, of thin, durable dry lubricant film coatings, which reduces friction wear and heat, has been used on the Mars Explorer Rover and U.S. Space Shuttle. They increased sales, reduced costs and enhanced the skills of their workforce when they further improved their quality standards and obtained AS 9100 certification for production of their dry lubricant coatings.

“For a small manufacturing company that wants to compete for lucrative work, AS 9100 is an essential requirement for participating in the supply chain,” says Steve Dively, vice president of Dicronite.

A further study of 72 manufacturers in the report, found a direct correlation between their improvements and adding jobs, staying in business and remaining in California. This study reported that an unprecedented 96 percent of these 72 manufacturers said improvements were significant to growing business and adding jobs. Additionally, 86 percent of these companies said improvements were significant to staying in business and 60 percent, or 43 manufacturers indicated improvements enabled them to continue working in California.

The survey data compiled between October 2009 and September 2010, found that strong improvement comes about through CMTC’s “hands-on consulting” practice of combining education, training and advice. Benefits from these type of services were verifiably substantial and having major implications for supporting the California economy.

“The survey data validates CMTC’s mission to help Southern California industry leaders improve their business by investing in making and sustaining improvements,” says David Braunstein, president and CEO of CMTC. “Manufacturers who can compete are those inclined to continuously make important improvements, remain competitive and stay in California.”

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