Flextime could have dramatic effects on employee morale and company loyalty

RP news wires
Tags: talent management

Flexible work arrangements are becoming more and more popular within the corporate world, and for some candidates it’s a deciding factor when choosing their next position. TopGrading Solutions recently conducted research to determine what non-monetary benefit would have employees valuing their position more. The search firm is a perennial President Club winner within MRINetwork, the world’s largest search and recruitment organization, specializing in supply chain planning and procurement.  

Thirty-six percent of respondents indicated that they would like if their company implemented summer hours, while 35 percent stated an extra day off would be appreciated, 19 percent selected “other”, while 6 percent would enjoy a company outing, and 4 percent wanted a role that allowed casual dress.

Of those who answered “other” many of them noted that they desired a flexible work schedule, one that might include the ability to work from home. “More companies are coming to the realization that healthy-minded employees are more productive employees. Offering the flexibility that is important to employees is coming back in the effort those employees give back to the organization” stated Jason Breault, managing director of TopGrading Solutions. Breault also went on to state that many of his gainfully employed candidates are “eager to switch careers for a company that is big on culture and flexibility”.

Summer hours, or the ability to work from home, may not work for every department, but it is gaining widespread popularity in companies who want to satisfy employees when financial rewards are limited. Handing out and extra day off, according to this survey, is just as beneficial.