Does your plant need to have a fire prevention plan?

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Do you need to have a fire prevention plan (FPP)?

While OSHA strongly recommends that all employers have an FPP, you are only required to have a fire prevention plan when an applicable OSHA standard requires it. Those standards include:

At a minimum, an FPP must include:

Plan on it
If you have 10 or fewer employees, you can communicate your plan orally. If you have more than 10 employees, the plan must be written, kept in the workplace, and available for employee review.

Within the Interactive Tools area of KellerOnline, the Safety Plans (OSHA) tool provides you with a template for a fire prevention plan – the tool walks you through the steps of setting up your plan, and allows you to customize the plan for your workplace. You will also find a number of other written plan templates in KOL for a variety of workplace safety plans, both mandatory and best practice.

The Topic Index has a Fire Prevention Plans topic that provides you with ez Explanations, regulations, LOIs, CPLs, Guidance Documents, training programs and more.