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Show Stoppers




This year's Show Stoppers are an eclectic mix of products from the expo floor of our huge show in Nashville, Tenn. Some are brand new; others boast interesting, recently introduced new features or technologies; while others are tried-and-true tools with a market following. All of these products have one thing in common: They provide functionality that helps professionals be more productive.


Air Sentry® Model X-100 Gearbox Breather "The First Line of Defense"
X-100 desiccant breathers feature moisture removing silica gel, 2-micron solid particle filtration and pressure-relieving check valves. Its dual design blocks outside contaminants from entering gearboxes, while eliminating excessive expansion and contraction pressure. X-100 blocks contamination from entering the gearbox, while capturing built-up condensation inside, leaving lubricants clean and dry. Check valves open on demand during heating and cooling cycles to provide infinite pressure relief to gearbox seals. Air Sentry® is "The First line of Defense" in contamination control.

Air Sentry®


ARGO-HYTOS Continuous Oil Conditioning Monitoring
Argo-Hytos presents the new LubCos H2O+ lubrication condition sensor for continuous oil monitoring. It offers the opportunity to prevent machine failures as well as prolong maintenance and oil change intervals by means of appropriate measures. The LubCos measures and documents changes in hydraulic fluids and lubricants. The sensor records four different physical oil characteristics as well as its periodic change: temperature, relative oil humidity and water activity, relative permittivity, and conductivity of the fluid.

Argo-Hytos Inc.


Equipment Reliability Made Visual
Create visual equipment controls onsite and on demand with Brady's™ Markware Lean Tools Software and GlobalMark® Industrial Label Maker! Markware software simplifies the creation of multicolor gauge labels, oil level indicators, drive tension guides, and other equipment visuals, making it easy to detect abnormal operating conditions at a glance. Ideal for autonomous and condition-based maintenance systems.

Brady Worldwide Inc


Vibration Analyzer Affordable Enough to Buy, Easy Enough to Actually Use
The Datastick® VSA™-1215 Vibration Spectrum Analyzer saves time and money while giving you all necessary functions for vibration data collection and analysis. Collect and display waveforms and acceleration, velocity, displacement, and vibration dB FFTs up to 3,200 lines, level alerts, harmonic cursor, averaging, and automatic peak detection. Learn to use it in two hours. Included PC software is non-proprietary - Excel 2003/2007 compatible. Share files with anyone: If you don't have in-house vibration analysts, you can use any consultant you want.

Datastick Systems Inc.



New Entry-Level Infrared Camera from Electrophysics
The innovative EZTherm™ 880 infrared camera is the perfect tool for inspecting electrical systems, electro-mechanical equipment, moisture surveys, energy audits and mold remediation. The EZTherm features accurate temperature measurement, a lightweight ergonomically designed housing and free report writing software. The camera is easy to use and includes a 1 GB SD memory card and runs for five hours on a single charge. Three models are available with features such as an integrated visible light camera for accurate archiving of images, motorized objective lens for true one-hand operation, telephoto lens and a protective lens shield for dirty environments. The 880 is backed by our comprehensive two-year warranty. If you've decided you're ready to get an infrared camera, check out the EZTherm 880 today!

Electrophysics EZTherm 880


Portable Oil Diagnostic System
Intelligent and robust, the HIAC Portable Oil Diagnostic System (PODS) measures, stores and reports oil condition parameters essential for reliable hydraulic systems operation. The PODS analyzes fluids and lubricants in online or bottle sampling modes to determine the machine's operating condition immediately. This instant analysis is as accurate and precise as traditional laboratory analysis that normally takes weeks. Thus, providing a real-time assessment of the oil under operating conditions.

Hach Ultra


Harvard Filter Systems
Harvard's filter systems are designed and built with quality materials and craftsmanship to provide years of trouble-free service. Filter elements for viscosity ranges from fuels to gear oils (ISO 1000). Customers report clean fluids to ISO 13/12/8 in operation. Contaminate capacity per element is about four pounds. The product has demonstrated the ability to remove one gallon of water from oil. Water has been demonstrated down to 21 ppm in transformer oils, or a dielectric strength of more than 40,000 volts. Filter carts can be made to your specifications. Configurations and elements for metalworking fluid are also available. Additional options include a magnetic pre-filter and particle monitor.

Harvard Corporation


Natural line of absorbent pads introduced at Lean, Reliable, and Lubed 08 by Oil Eater
Kafko International Ltd. has introduced an eco-friendly line of Oil Eater absorbent pads made of natural plant by-products. Featuring woven construction, the pads are designed to provide a safer and cleaner workplace and help companies to meet OSHA and EPA requirements. The line includes: Oil Only pads and rolls which soak up oil yet repel water; Universal pads and rolls which soak up oil, water and other liquids; Absorbent Socks which control larger spills and protect drains. The pads will absorb up to 20 percent more than meltblown polypropylene pads, yet cost less. All are available in a variety of weights and finishes. Product sizes range from 16 inches x 18 inches to 28 inches x 150 feet (rolls). Weights include light, medium and heavy. Applications include production lines, industrial and maintenance facility floors, loading docks and others. Call for free samples.

Kafko International


Grease Sampling and Analysis
Representative and trendable in-service grease samples are now being taken with the Grease Thief™. This breakthrough provides the opportunity to obtain results from as little as 1 gram of grease. Motor-Operated Valves and other critical gearboxes are being sampled with the Grease Thief™. The use of the Grease Thief™ in the place of motor bearing drain plugs allows for proper grease purging, while also capturing any purged grease for analysis. Reliability Engineers finally have a tool to meet the task of diagnostic monitoring for grease lubricated equipment - the Grease Thief™.

MRG Power Labs


One Eye Industries ADD-Vantage 9000 Filter Master
Your equipment works hard every day to earn you a living, and you work hard to keep it in top working order! The Filter Master works hard, too, to keep your important equipment going. From scrapers, loaders and backhoes to rigs and farm implements, The Filter Master extends the life of their mechanical systems! Introducing the ADD-Vantage 9000 Filter Master reusable filter for heavy-duty fluid filtration.

One Eye Industries


Parker PVS Portable Oil Purification System
The PVS works off-line to reduce both free and dissolved water, solid contamination and entrained air or gases. By controlling and/or eliminating these harmful contaminants, you can expect reduced downtime, lower component replacement costs, reliable system performance and an overall reduction in oil consumption. The PVS is also a low-maintenance PM tool to add to your arsenal in the war on system contamination. Once operational, the system will run unattended. The control panel offers self-diagnosing indicator lights that inform the operator of a shutdown condition, as well as the specific cause. Another feature of the product is portability. Units are fabricated with casters and forklift guides as standard. Lifting eyes and even trailer mounting are available options. These features allow for easy relocation from one system reservoir to another.

Parker Hannifin Corporation


TestMate™ Contamination Monitor
The TestMate Contamination Monitor optically measures solid particle contamination in hydraulic and lubricating fluids. The TCM is among the newest generation of particle monitors that continuously measure solid contamination in fluid. Enclosed in a 4-inch-diameter case, the TCM utilizes an optical sensor and measures particles in four sizes: >4, >6, >14 and >21 microns. Measurement results can be output as a contamination code according to ISO 4406:1999 or SAE AS 4059 (D). The TCM is designed for connection to hydraulic and lubrication lines with pressures up to 1450 psi (100 bar) and viscosities up to 4635 SUS (100 cSt). A small flow of oil (between 30 ml/min and 300 ml/min) is diverted for measurement purposes.

Schroeder Industries


Online Training for Lean Basics
Online training is an effective way to build awareness and understanding for lean across a broad employee base. The TBM LeanSigma® Institute has the most comprehensive online training program for essential lean learning. The curriculum is rooted in Toyota Production System principles and is designed to ensure understanding, application and retention of basic lean concepts. Twelve progressive modules designed specifically for adult learners. Web-based, self-paced, easily deployed from any web browser... Learn more...

TBM LeanSigma Institute


Ultraprobe® 3000 Digital Ultrasonic Inspection Instrument
The Ultraprobe 3000 is an energy-saving instrument that provides cost-effective ultrasound inspection for compressed air and steam trap surveys. This digital inspection system is fully equipped to detect energy waste, locate mechanical and electrical problems. With many features that will help you inspect in the most challenging environments, the Ultraprobe 3000 makes it easy. Let UE help you get started. Please call 800-223-1325 and ask for a complimentary Energy Guide.

UE Systems Inc.


Hyperion™ UB: Biodegradable Hydraulic Fluid
Hyperion™ UB is a premium-quality, environmentally responsible hydraulic fluid designed to provide exceptional performance in both industrial and mobile hydraulic systems. This vegetable-based formulation meets or exceeds the performance requirements of most hydraulics manufacturers, while satisfying rigorous criteria for biodegradability and toxicity. Hyperion™ UB has the necessary anti-wear characteristics for hydraulic systems operating under high load and high pressure. It is also treated with additives that protect against rust and corrosion.

The Whitmore Manufacturing Company