Six Sigma Academy now known as SSA & Company

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Corporate consulting firm Six Sigma Academy has a new identity.

The company – which introduced the concept of Six Sigma to the world's largest corporations – has announced a new name and a broader mission. Effective in early April, the firm will do business under the name SSA & Company.


"We have evolved from being a firm narrowly focused on Six Sigma training to one that is increasingly engaged in strategic process improvement, rapid transformation and employee engagement," said company chairman David Fuente. "Our new identity is a reflection of this wider mandate."


Fuente, the former chief executive officer of Office Depot, manages the firm with CEO Scott Miller, the former chief executive of Hyatt, and company president David Niles, a former consultant with Booz, Allen & Hamilton. The company works with more than 60 of the largest businesses around the world. Mikel Harry, the father of the original Six Sigma concept at Motorola, serves as the firm's chief knowledge officer and Ram Charan, author of some of the most influential books in business, serves on SSA & Company's advisory board.


"We detected a real hunger in the marketplace for process improvement that delivers results in weeks, not years," said Miller. "For many companies, this is a sea change. They still think of process management as a multi-year commitment requiring dozens of business leaders to focus exclusively on the process. Under our new banner, we can show them smarter, more efficient solutions while continuing the highest standard of Lean Six Sigma training and coaching."


Through its work with some of the world's largest companies, SSA & Company saw many executives abandoning cumbersome process management projects because of the excess time and the complex engineering perspective. Still, companies needed to improve operating performance. Today, SSA helps them do that using four key drivers of competitive advantage: data, speed, agility and talent.


"What we keep hearing from business leaders is that they need a way to align their business processes, engage employees, and show results quickly," said Niles. "They are astonished when we have demonstrated that significant savings and improvements can be achieved in under 90 days."


Under its new name, SSA & Company, with its offices in the U.S., Europe and Asia, will continue to work across multiple industry sectors including retail, finance, health care and pharmaceuticals, media, energy, insurance, private equity and manufacturing. "Our goal is to transform business through smarter process," said Niles.


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About SSA & Company
SSA & Company is a management consulting firm that helps companies execute on strategy for world-class performance – from fast-cycle, targeted process improvements to a total rethinking of a company's business operating model. Born out of Lean Six Sigma and refined through ongoing innovation, SSA & Company's approach improves execution within client organizations and builds sustainable skills and capabilities within client teams. Whether working with Fortune 50 corporations or private equity portfolio companies, SSA & Company delivers quick, game-changing results that add value immediately, and over time.


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