Pelion vice president to head APICS NOCO lean initiative

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Pelion Systems, a market leader in Manufacturing Operating Systems powered by lean principles, on December 7 announced that John Szemler, Pelion’s vice president of automotive applications and a senior member of the company’s consulting team, has been appointed to the APICS Northern Colorado (NOCO) chapter’s leadership team as vice president of the NOCO Lean Initiative.

One of Szemler’s primary responsibilities is to lead the chapter’s lean master certification program, which involves a complete package of education and coaching on the implementation of lean supply chains. With more than 20 years experience in the plant environment as both a manufacturing executive and a consultant helping manufacturers define new process flows that leverage lean principles, Szemler is uniquely qualified to drive this initiative for APICS NOCO.

For the past five years at Pelion, Szemler has led customer teams in determining the best tools and strategies for managing the load and flow of demand over resources in production and throughout the supply chain, including the use of software applications to help realize and sustain the impact of lean improvements. His leadership has resulted in rapid operational turnaround and multi-million dollar savings for several manufacturers in the automotive sector as well as other industries with complex value streams, like electronics, aerospace and consumer durables.

“We are very excited to have an expert of John’s caliber stepping in to the VP of lean role,” said Doug Klapperich, CEO of the APICS NOCO chapter. “Providing high quality resource management education, professional development and certification is our mission, and there is no more important area for our members right now than lean.”

The lean master certification program involves three educational sessions of three days each. The first session begins this week with a focus on crafting a lean initiative and value stream mapping. Session 2, which is scheduled to run January 10, 11 and 12, will focus on creating flow. The final session on February 14, 15 and 16 will discuss leveraging pull and the CLM exam.

Students will work to improve one value stream in their organization as part of the program, resulting in quantifiable improvements for the manufacturers represented along with personal recognition for the individuals as a certified lean master.

“Pelion has always emphasized the importance of approaching Lean from the perspective of mapping, modeling and managing the value stream,” Szemler said. “I look forward to helping APICS NOCO members grow in their understanding of how Lean principles should be applied to create pull-based supply chains that have the flexibility to respond effectively to changing demand signals.”

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