Coca-Cola inaugurates 100% green water treatment plant

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Coca-Cola Panama and Coca-Cola FEMSA inaugurated a wastewater treatment plant designed to process 100 percent of the water used in the production of beverages distributed in Panama, in addition to other markets in the region.

Water effluent from the production process of Coca-Cola beverages is anaeorobically processed to withdraw contaminants. After purification, the water can support aquatic life and be used in other applications, such as in agriculture.

Within the plant is a fish harvesting facility, demonstrating that fish can live in the water that results from the company’s wastewater treatment process. In addition to feeding the large onsite aquarium, the water is channeled to a riverside bank, which carries the water to the open sea, free from contaminants and with a high degree of purity.

Part of the corporation’s Live Positively social responsibility platform, the US$2.5 million investment is one of several projects that Coca-Cola Panama and its local bottling partner Coca-Cola FEMSA have developed to help protect the environment.

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