Newly released M&R metrics refine the industry's KPIs

Society for Maintenance & Reliability Professionals
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In today's market, optimal performance is your plant's best advantage. Now you have a way to measure that performance and make improvements in the areas that offer the biggest returns on investment. 


After years of research and fine tuning, the Society for Maintenance & Reliability Professionals has released its first installment of the SMRP Compendium of Standard Maintenance & Reliability Metrics Definitions. These metrics are designed to help M&R professionals measure performance consistently, make valid comparisons, establish achievable goals and objectives, and set realistic expectations.


The final version of the compendium will contain 70 identified metrics, and the first 24 of those are available now, with 12 more to be added in the next few weeks. The metrics are available to members for just $5 a piece. Simply visit the SMRP online store at Each metric includes the following:

·         a standard definition and objective for the metric

·         the mathematical formula for calculating the metric

·         qualifications of the metric (how it should be used)

·         a sample calculation

·         a harmonization indicator (to equate with European standards)

·         references


Ensure you're measuring performance using the most comprehensive format in our industry, and backed by the most rigorous development process. 


These metrics were developed in keeping with the five pillars of SMRP's Body of Knowledge: Business & Management, Manufacturing Process Reliability, Equipment Reliability, Leadership & Organization and Work Management.


For more information, contact Al Poling, SMRP technical director, at

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