Reliability program can be difference during tight times

Life Cycle Engineering
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The burgeoning problem of waste generated by manufacturing processes is a source of growing concern among corporate enterprises and government markets. Manufacturing companies are being pressed to find alternative manufacturing processes to address these concerns and comply with environmental regulations. Reliability Excellence (Rx) will ultimately help your organization address these concerns by ensuring sustainability and continuous improvement.


Rx is a business philosophy, driven through cultural change, that focuses on equipment reliability and process control as the foundation of modern manufacturing operations. By designing reliability into daily plant operations and creating a culture of prevention and improvement, plants can operate as a safer, more productive and more profitable businesses.


Why is Reliability Excellence (Rx) important for sustainability? Reliability Excellence (Rx) enables your organization to accelerate the benefits of lean, often by as much as 30 percent, so that your organization may focus more diligently on reducing energy consumption, eliminating practices that result in waste, and creating a healthier working environment.


What will Reliability Excellence (Rx) do for sustainability? Reliability Excellence (Rx) brings stability to the manufacturing process by improving equipment reliability and standardizing business processes to remove performance variation. Rx provides the daily management systems to quickly recognize sources of contamination, waste, and defects so that they may be removed before impacting financial or environmental performance.


When should my organization focus on Reliability Excellence (Rx)? Reliability Excellence (Rx) is the foundation and the first step in organizational maturity toward sustainability. Reliability Excellence (Rx) provides the necessary cultural transformation required for sustainable manufacturing.


How can my organization create sustainability via Reliability Excellence (Rx)? Life Cycle Engineering offers a proven three wave process to achieve Reliability Excellence (Rx). This approach assesses the foundational gaps in day-to-day practices that inhibit stable operation of the manufacturing process and provides the necessary education, coaching, and structured path forward to improve operational performance.

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