Nissan to showcase green technologies at expo

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Nissan Motor Company Ltd. will showcase its latest environmental technologies at Eco-Products 2008, the largest exhibition of environmentally friendly products and services in Japan, to be held from December 11 to 13 at the Tokyo Big Sight.
EV Prototype

EV Prototype



Under the Nissan Green Program 2010, the company aims to be a leader in zero-emission vehicles and is committed to produce real-world solutions to reduce C02 emissions. At Eco-Products 2008, Nissan will showcase its zero-emission EV prototype, which is powered by its advanced lithium ion battery. The exhibit visualizes Nissan's vision for sustainable mobility, to be spearheaded by the electric vehicle.

Visitors can test drive the Clean Diesel X-TRAIL 20GT, the recipient of the Eco-Products Award from the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism this year. The Clean Diesel X-TRAIL has been recognized for meeting with Japan's stringent "Post New Long-term Regulations".

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CARWINGS Eco-Driving Service

Nissan will also highlight another award-winning technology - the CARWINGS eco-drive service - winner of the Chairperson's Award from the Eco-Products Steering Committee. Nissan's unique CARWINGS eco-drive service offers an innovative method to assist drivers achieve improved fuel efficiency by changing their driving habits.

The fifth Eco-Products Awards will be announced on Thursday, December 11, at the Environmental Communication Stage, Eco-Products exhibition.

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Technology Highlights

  1. Vehicle and Technology Exhibition
    • Electric Vehicle Prototype
      Nissan will showcase the EV prototype. This will be the first public glimpse of the EV prototype still under development.
    • Nissan's Vision of Life with EV
      Nissan, through a diorama and visual presentation will help visitors to visualize the concept of zero-emission mobility, with mass adoption of EV, utilization of clean energy, park and drive systems and non-contact charging as a way of life in the future.
    • Clean Diesel
      Display panels and cut-aways model of the M9R engine offer insights to how the clean diesel engine that powers the Nissan X-TRAIL works. The M9R engine meets Japan's strict "Post New Long-term Regulations" emission standards.
    • CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission)
      CVT delivers smooth shift transmission and improved fuel-efficiency. Nissan is ahead of competitors in expanding CVT across its product offering worldwide.
    • "CARWINGS" Eco-driving Service
      Demonstration of Nissan's eco-driving service available on Nissan's CARWINGS navigation system will be available. The service include driver rankings and eco-driving tips based on data provided by the system.
  2. Eco-car Test-drive
    Visitors can test-drive the Nissan X-TRAIL 20GT clean diesel.
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