Improve thread & machining quality by removing contaminants

One Eye Industries, Inc.

Producing the highest-quality threads and machined surfaces is always a challenge. Many shops lose valuable operational time and spend excessive amounts on new dies and maintenance due to premature wear. Reducing these costs and increasing uptime leads directly to increased profitability.

The Solution
Installing Series 6000 Magnetic Filter Rods in the fluid reservoirs of threading machines, milling machines and lathes removes ferrous contaminants right down to the sub-1-micron level. Operating with cleaner cutting fluids means equipment continues to function properly and produces better quality products.

“The results have been amazing,” says Marty Wieler of Wieler Mechanical after he installed the Series 6000 in the reservoir of his new 535 Rigid Threading Machine to reduce the metal contaminants in the cutting oil. “The thread quality has improved dramatically, leaks have reduced, and I have not replaced the dies or any other parts for the past year. The Series 6000 clearly outperforms any other magnetic product for this application. This has increased my production and reduced operating costs.”

“The results are astonishing; the filtration of metal contaminants in the cutting oil has improved 1,000 percent.” says Marty Kleisenger of Canyon Plumbing & Heating.

He installed the Series 6000 on seven of his threading machines and is delighted with the improvements.

“Our operational time has improved and replacement costs for dies and parts decreased dramatically,” says Kleisinger. “It is so effective, we have not replaced our dies since the installation of the magnetic filters.”

Technical Description
Designed for installation in oil and coolant reservoirs of rigid threading machines, milling machines and lathes, FilterMaster Series 6000 Magnetic Filter Rods:

  • Remove ferrous particles right down to the sub-1-micron level slowing wear cycles;
  • Increase the ISO cleanliness level of fluids producing higher quality products;
  • Significantly extend the life of pumps, dies and moving parts;
  • Are warranted for three years and have an operational life of 10 or more years.

The incredibly strong magnetic fields generated by the Series 6000 Magnetic Filter Rods allow it to remove ferrous contamination from most all fluids. Magnetic fields of this strength are needed to filter very fine particles – less than 1 micron – with a small mass especially when the fluids are traveling in “high flow” applications.

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Above: A Series 6000 Magnetic Filter Rod with ferrous contaminants. Below: A clean filter rod.