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Energy Monitoring and Management

Energy Monitoring and Management

Drew Troyer, the president and CEO of Noria Corporation, examines the close relationship between reliability and energy management in this informative 10-minute, 25-second video presentation. Nearly 40 percent of the electricity that is generated in the United States is employed to drive manufacturing systems in industrial plants. The lion’s share of that industrial electricity draw is consumed by electric motors. Drew explains that a focus on energy monitoring and management can reduce the energy cost for motors by as much as 15 percent. That’s real savings that come at a low cost to implement.

In this video, Drew utilizes his background in reliability engineering and business management to deliver a multi-point plan to help you achieve benefits from financial, reliability and environmental perspectives. Details of this plan include the following:

  • Select high-efficiency motors – comparing brand-to-brand performance
  • Design drivetrains for energy efficiency
  • Manage electrical system integrity
  • Operate in ideal load range
  • Manage balance, alignment, looseness and resonance
  • Employ precision lubrication
  • Monitor energy consumption
  • Compare component types and/or systems designs – driving optimized design and procurement decisions
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of rebuild vs. replace decisions
  • Identify suboptimal operating conditions
  • Uncover corrective maintenance requirements
  • Assess the effectiveness of preventive maintenance activities

By the end of this video, you will see that energy monitoring and management is, quite simply, good business and a key aspect of reliability program success.

Make your manufacturing operations more energy-efficient.


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